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Writing, Reading, and English Language Tutor

Ecology is by its nature a subject best served by an interdisciplinary approach. The subject requires systems thinking, and attention to the relationships among the many parts of an ecosystem or locale. As well as thorough knowledge of the individual parts -- flora, fauna, soils, geology, climate -- understanding the natural world demands recognition of the flows of time, the limitations of space, and the synergistic effects of chemical and biological processes. In addition, ecology has economic, aesthetic, ethical, and spiritual components. With a master's degree in Environmental Education Read more


Patient, Creative, Effective Tutor for All Subjects, Ages and Cities

I have taught more than 30 ACT students in English/Reading/Writing, Math and Science/Reasoning. Using my broad teaching expertise and coursework in English (reading, writing, grammar), Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry) and Science (biology, chemistry, physics) I have helped prospective university students (juniors, seniors and even sophomores) get the scores they need to gain acceptance to their top school choices. Let me show you how successful you or your child can be. A recent success story from one of my students was an increase of 4 points on her ACT, for a composite of 30. Read more


Students can learn HOW to learn with Professional Tutoring.

What happened when, why and what can we learn from that? American History is full of such events and can explain much of what is happening now. Do we want to repeat the past? Let's discuss the place in time you are studying: what makes it important, who was involved, what was the result? You can appreciate American History - now! Read more


Algebra, Geometry, English, Writing, Reading, Dyslexia, ADHD

I have taught high school students for 30 years. I have worked with about ten different ADD/ADHD students. Most obtained modified academic requirements while they participated in the standard classroom. Some obtained books on tape to listen to at home. I met with families often to assess progress and consider means of better assisting the students. I tutored a college student who suffered from a case of extreme autism. I have taught students who have occasional seizures in class. I listen carefully and offer direction as best I can. Read more


California Credentialed Multiple Subject Teacher

Most of the tutoring I have done has been with students that have ADD and ADHD. My trainings and skills have given me a 100% success rate. I have a special education credential and worked as a resource specialist for San Diego City Schools. The classes I have taken at UCSD and SDSU include Teaching Special Populations, Mainstreaming ADD and ADHD, RSP Instructional Decision Making, ENCORE Training, WJIII Assessment Training, and Identifying Students at Risk. More importantly the reason for my high success rate is the creativity I use to teach these active students. Instead of trying to change Read more


Bilingual, Certified Speech/Language Pathologist and ESL teacher

I enjoy reading, analyzing and comparing short stories, and love literature. I have tutored college students subject areas such as Public Speaking, American Literature, Marketing, and History of American Horror Films. I have a PhD in Applied Linguistics and have more than 30 years experience teaching English as a Second Language. I lived in Spain for 10 years and am a certified and licensed bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist. Read more


If you Need Help, I Get the Job Done

Throughout my education, I have become very knowledgeable in logic, particularly because it was crucial to most of my core courses. Passing multiple logic courses was a requirement for my philosophy degree, and I excelled in all related classes. I enjoy the subject immensely and I have tutored it, as well as critical thinking and related math courses. Read more


Psychology, English, and Speech Tutor

I have extensive experience working with students on college applications, scholarship applications and requirements, financial aid paperwork, as well as academic document retrieval. I am currently working as a student advisor for a post-secondary school and it is my daily task to assist with the aforementioned paperwork. I also have a great deal of experience with military education benefits and the restrictions/requirements that are so common to their use. I have also personally spent the last 3 years applying for loans, grants, and scholarships. In addition to this experience, I have al Read more


Your English Buff

Both my parents were college educated, and good English was always spoken in our home, so proper speaking and writing have always come naturally to me. I enjoy writing, and I have edited two books. I have always gotten top grades in all language related courses, and I enjoy speaking, writing and teaching proper English. Read more


Music, Computer, Technology Teacher

I hold a certificate in Computer Applications from Harper College. I have taught computers at the Grade School, Middle School and High School levels. I am endorsed to teach Computer Applications at the Middle School and High School levels by the state of Illinois. I have written hundreds of tutorials which sell very well on public websites like Teachers Pay Teachers. I have also spoken on ho to use various software packages, as well as how to teach computers throughout the United States. I have created dozens of websites using a wide array of HTML generators including Dreamweaver. I Read more

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