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Professional Programming Instructor

I have worked on the .NET framework and the C# language since its early arrival in the programming environment. I have developed professional applications in various .NET technologies such as WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET MVC, WCF using the C# as the programming language. I also expert in using C# development tools like Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server etc. Read more


Alleviate Math Anxiety and Computer Programming Tutor

I have developed web applications for Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA using ASP.NET C#. This involves web service, front end interfacing with SQL Server database, and Ajax partial postbacks. I believe that this actual real world application development experience can assist to better relate the material to the student because it can convey what he/she might experience in an employment setting. Read more


Professional Software Developer in C#, .NET, JavaScript,HTML,CSS

Hello! I am a professional software developer with a passion for learning and knowledge. I love teaching and I believe that anyone can learn how to write code. I am interested in teaching anyone from brand new to intermediate/advanced. Whether you want to learn the basics of HTML and CSS to make yourself more valuable on the job hunt, build your first web site, or develop skills that you can use in real life business applications, I believe I can help! I have a B.S. in Business Administrat... Read more


Math, Computer Science, Logic, French, Music Theory, Saxophone

My earliest exposure to programming occurred when I was just a preteen. Since then, I've earned a degree in computer science and started a career. I've been working as a software engineer for close to six years now, programming in a variety of different languages. I also tutored some computer science classes in college. I look forward to once again being able to help other students improve their programming knowledge and skills. Read more


Experienced IT Tutor Professional

I have 8+ years experience on .Net technologies including scripts such as VB script, Script and Java Script. I am Microsoft certified professional in C# and have taught students ASP.Net using C# as well as console application. I have developed and designed sites (samples available upon request) using ASP.Net/C#. Read more


Programming & Computer Science Tutor

I have programmed professionally for the last 7 years in a broad range of programming languages, working on projects ranging from web development (using Javascript, Python, PHP) to low level optimization of Machine Learning algorithm implementations (C++, CUDA). I have a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science. Read more


Programming and Math Tutor

Although I'm not an expert, I have more than five years of experience with Linux. Everything from install packages / libraries to setting up Apache. I'm most familiar with LAMP environments, but also have experience with LAPP (Postgres). I know all of the basic commands and many of the more complex commands, and would put my knowledge somewhere in the intermediate to advanced level. Read more


Let the Adjunct Computer Science Instructor show you the way :)

Oguzcan A. is a software engineer and game developer. He has 7 years of professional programming experience. He worked on and published several game titles on major app stores. He has a MSc. degree in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University and a BSc. in Computer Science from Arkansas State University. Oguzcan has a good understanding and practical skills in web technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and PHP, as well as knowledge of popular frameworks such as Node.js and Bac... Read more


Software Engineer / Web Developer

I have been a programmer for several years and have years of experience with software engineering and web development. I have attended and instructed/taught at immersive web development education programs such as MakerSquare and have dedicated more than 2000 hours to learning and using these tools. I also have extensive teaching experience; I having taught tennis, skiing , english, drama, etc, and have taught individuals and classrooms of all ages. Read more


USC Computer Science graduate, working in web development

I studied Computer Science as my major at USC, which includes 4 years of experience in school with Java and C++. I have also been tutoring high school students in AP Computer Science for the last 6 months. The teacher has reported to me significant improvements in their work and understanding of the subject matter. Read more

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