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Master's in CS|7+ years College Teaching and Curriculum Architecture

With over seven years of experience as a Curriculum Architect and Professor of advanced Computer Science, Data Analysis and IT/Networks subjects in college environment, I have acquired a diverse skill set in developing and teaching CS/AI subjects, including: • Data Science | Machine Learning | Pandas | Python • C++ | C | Java | JavaScript • Assembly | Computer Architecture • Robotics | Arduino | MatLab • IT/Networks | I hold Cisco CompTIA+ Instructor Certificate • Network Security... Read more


Junior Software Engineering Student & Independent Game Developer

I'm Tyler, a third year software engineering student at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Through my schooling I have experience with a variety of programming languages as well as a number of development tools. I have personally found that teaching others is a fantastic way to solidify one's own understanding, and I also just generally enjoy helping others to further their knowledge. I like to be very hands on helping students, and I also enjoy doing research for to find them resources for ... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Alleviate Math Anxiety and Computer Programming Tutor

As a dedicated instructor for over 20 years, I am passionate about alleviating the fear of the subject of math and computer courses that are experienced by students. I take pride in watching the transformation in attitude toward problematic material to material which is confidently conquered. I especially enjoy assisting in the progress in mastering these subjects to develop a logical reasoning process that will definitely open up career possibilities throughout the student's lifetime. My ca... Read more


Dedicated and Patient Tutor for Computer Programming and Math

I am familiar with most programs on PCs and Macs and can tutor from the point of view of a user or of a programmer and designer. Programming languages I have a lot of experience with include HTML, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic,,, C, C++ and DOS batch files. User training can be on just about any program, since my approach is in the spirit of "teach them how to fish" as opposed to "give them a fish." In other words if you learn to figure out how to use a program, you can apply that knowledge to any program. Read more


Software Engineer

Hello there! I'm a computer guy with a couple years of tutoring experience, as well as several years of professional experience as both a software developer and an IT guy. When I'm not fixing things on a computer, I sometimes play games like Kerbal Space Progam. I really enjoy helping people connect the dots and understand the things we're trying to study. I'm not going to do your homework for you, but I might walk you through it if time is tight. I'd rather not just give you working code; ... Read more


Award-winning Software Eng., computer graphics master (Ex-Microsoft)

A master of computational arts and software engineering. BACKGROUND 1. Bachelors (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. 2. Masters in Fine Art, Art & Technology Studies from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 3. 10+ years of full stack software engineering at Microsoft, computer graphics, and Web 3.0 (Blockchain / NFT) consulting. SPECIALIZATIONS - Cross-platform (web and mobile) development: ReactsJS, React-Native, React hooks, Nodejs (web-servers) an... Read more


Computer Science Teacher - Elementary to HS

I am a high school computer science teacher. I have been teaching for 7 years and I love working with young people. I have two young daughters that greet me with screams of joy every time I come home from work. In my free time, I enjoy taking my children out to experience new places like the beach and mountains. My favorite way to end the day is to read a well-written children's book to my kids before bed. I am able to teach classes to students in the 4th-6th grade(Block Programming using... Read more


A Software Engineer of 9+ years looking to give back

Hi! My name is Jared W. I’ve been a software engineer for over 9 years now. I've worked at companies ranging from The New York Times to Business Insider to Shapeways. I also run my own consulting gig on the side to build and advise on solutions for startups early stage to high growth. Today, I want to give a little back and provide you with lessons in everything web development, Javascript, React, Nodejs, and possibly becoming an employed engineer if that's your interest. I myself am self tau... Read more


Computer Science Simplified

Oguzcan A. is a computer science instructor at Northeastern Illinois University where he teaches video game programming, web development, artificial intelligence and database classes. He also works as a part time web developer. He has 8 years of professional programming experience. He worked on and published several video game titles on major app stores. He has a MSc. degree in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University and a BSc. in Computer Science from Arkansas State University... Read more


I teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and anything related to Computer

Hi, I have AN AA degree in Web Design and Science. I have been teaching students for more than two years. I help students with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, AND ILLUSTRATOR. I have experience teaching these languages to help students get better grades, improve their skills, or to learn to code for fun. In addition, I have built countless responsive websites, such as websites for businesses, and personal portfolios. My teaching experience ranges from high school students to uni... Read more

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