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Composer who is eager to share the knowledge of the craft!

Ear training was part of the rigorous musicianship programs at Los Angeles City College and CSUN. Prior to transferring, I was capable of taking dictation of complex and long musical phrases, both melodically and harmonically, and with several instruments playing at the same time. I have one year of experience in teaching ear training at the Heart of Music School. Read more


An experienced pop and Rnb music producer

I currently work in the music business as a music producer and have produced music for almost 10 years. I have clients who come to me and pay me to produce their songs. I work with music industry managers, songwriters, and other producers. I have my own recording studio. I have a record deal with an independent music publishing company and currently have 22 songs being shopped by them. Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Music, History, Political Science, Geography

I am currently pursuing a major in Political Science from Arizona State University. I earned a certificate in International Studies from the same institution in 2013. I competed in my high school's We the People competition government debate team, going on to win an award at the national finals in Washington, D.C. in 2010. Read more


Musician, Sound Designer, Producer and Mixing Engineer.

I have been playing and practicing Acoustic and Electric guitar for over 5 years, I specialize in finger-picking, strumming, riffs, scales and chord progressions in all genres. I have been professionally taught guitar on multiple occasions, the first two for a year, and the third for about two years. I was given a Visual Arts and Performing Award Scholarship by California Lutheran University for my knowledge in scales and my rendition of Bach's "Bourée in E Minor". I graduated CLU with two credits in Private Guitar Training. Read more

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Drummer with experience

I started playing drums since I was 16 and have been in love with it ever since. There's nothing like it really, it requires discipline, stamina, and most of all, a killer instinct for groove keeping. It's a sport as well as it is a music talent. In my many years of experience in the academic field and playing field, I've discovered the secret that differentiates a hobbyist and a real working musician. And these are the thing I'll be sharing with you once you join my class. From rud... Read more

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JCPS Teacher with Broad Range of Skills

I have a Master's degree from U of L and I'm certified to teach K-12. Elementary level students I have the most passion for as they're enthusiastic about life and learning. The joy fades as the years pass, and it doesn't have to be that way. If I can instill beliefs that learning can always be fun at this age, then as they advance through the school system they make look at school differently. Read more


Music Theory, Composition, Production, and History

I come from a musical family and have self-taught myself a large number of instruments (Piano, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Oboe, and Mandolin). I am a lifelong performer and have always deeply immersed myself in music culture. This immersion comes not only from a deep commitment to popular music culture and a firm knowledge of its history and present, but also a formal education. I have taken a number of related courses over the course of my college career, such as Music and Everyday Life, Classical Music, Latin Music, Middle Eastern Music, Tonal Analysis of Read more


JB Music and Music Production Teacher

I started taking guitar lessons at 7 years old and have spent my entire life in the music and recording industries. I am a graduate of the School of Contemporary Music, Brookline, MA. with a B.A. in Music Performance. I have 25 years of songwriting and music production experience. I am available to teach GUITAR, BASS, and PIANO lessons at every level from beginner to advanced areas of study. If you're a beginner... then we'll start at square one on your instrument. I can cater a pro... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Lorens, "The X-Planer": Language, arts, digital media.

Hi, bud - budding musician, that is! My degree in music from LACC formalized my knowledge of harmony and musicianship, while my long history with big bands and small groups (jazz, rock, 'other') has filled out my professional and creative side. I sing; I play sax very well, clarinet well, intermediate-level guitar and ukulele, and keyboard when necessary. I am well-versed in audio and music software such as Logic, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Band-In-a-Box. I have my own basic home recording studio. I've arranged for big band; I've orchestrated classical pieces. I worked for years in post-productio Read more


Teacher with Empathy & Care

I have a bachelor in general medicine and surgery. Also, I am a licensed physician in Egypt. I have worked in many hospitals including Mansoura University General Hospital, Oncology Center of Mansoura University, Al Ahram Hospital, Delta Specialized Hospital and Dahab Specialized Hospital. I would be glad to help students with their anatomy studies based on my background as a teacher who can empathize with my student, cheer them up, motivate them and bring humanness to the process of studying. Studying is more than just memorizing a material. It is understanding with the process of cheer. I u Read more

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