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(13957) SAT Math tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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Certified to Teach Math in Grades 5-12

I have a degree in mathematics and education and have taken the ACT before, along with studying standardized tests. I tutored my brother before he took it and have tutored a few students both from Wyzant and the school I currently work at before their ACT tests. I'm very familiar with the subject and test, a certified math teacher, and have background in the ACT. Therefore, I should be qualified to tutor ACT math. Read more


Math and Computer Science

I have graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and earned two Master degrees: an MA in Math and MS in Computer Science. Currently, I am teaching at two schools (Mt Sac and DeVry University) and I have taught both subjects (Math and Computer Science) there. In terms of SAT training, I have taught SAT prep at two schools (Garry High and Bonita High) before, and am teaching a SAT prep class now. Read more


Math - It's not so bad! Experienced Math Teacher/Tutor

I've often heard from students that math is hard, impossible to learn, and a completely alien language. My goal as a math tutor is to be your translator - I try to rephrase concepts in new ways, sometimes by using different terms, sometimes by using colorful pictures to convey a thought. At the end of the session, I want my students to simultaneously understand the material better AND understand that math maybe isn't too bad. I have tutored math for approximately 9 years, teaching everyt... Read more


Experienced Tutor with an Electrical Engineering degree

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have excelled at math all my life. I have been tutoring independently for the last 10 years and have never met a student that I could not help better their grade to an A or a B. I have made an A in every math class I took in college except Calculus 3 where I made a B+. I have tutored at all levels of math up through Calculus 2 in the past with plenty of ease. Physics is also a very strong subject of mine that I have always understood very well and that I have a lot of experience tutoring. Read more


Supportive/experienced/math tutor

I am an experienced math teacher of 30 years. I have a Bachelor of Mathematics, a Master of Mathematics, and a Master's in counseling. I have tutored privately since my retirement ten years ago. I tutored for the SAT at Phillips Exeter Academy my first two years of retirement. I can supply recommendations from current students and past students. I have tutored several students in the Seacoast area at all levels of mathematics. I feel I establish an excellent relationship with my stud... Read more


UNC-CH grad student for math and science tutoring

I am a second year student at UNC Chapel Hill's School of Dentistry. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill in 2014. I have a thorough understanding of most basic sciences, especially in anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, etc. I want to tutor because the opportunity to help other students reach their full potentials is something that really excites me. Throughout high school and college, I have been actively involved in various study groups an... Read more


Math, ACT, SAT, Calculus & More!

I started work as a math tutor at 18-years-old and it led me to pursue a lifelong career of teaching. I worked as a tutor in Arizona for the last five years for a full array of ages and math subjects. Recently I moved to Ohio and would love to continue to do what I truly love while I finish out my undergraduate degree. Right now I am finishing up my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics through Arizona State University online. When I have completed my degree I wish to move on to receive my teac... Read more


Tutoring for Biological Sciences and Math

I have been a teaching assistant at the University of Connecticut for two years. I have taught classes in biology and biochemistry with average class sizes of about 20 students. I hold office hours for these classes and I always encourage my students to contact me for one-on-one tutoring if there are materials that they do not quite understand. In cases where the students are having a hard time understanding a complex problem, I like to make simple connections with material they might have ... Read more


Math and English for all!

Having worked for many years in high school special education, I know how to work with teenagers of all abilities and disabilities. As such, I am aware that every person learns differently and work to tailor the teaching of each student to fit his or her needs. A few commonalities: I both show and expect respect, I use a multisensory approach - visual, audio, and kinesthetic - I try to make learning fun using games and challenges, and when possible I utilize technology. I maintain a... Read more


College Professor Tutoring Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, Economics

As a university teaching assistant for Econometrics I helped students see the intuition behind the formulas, learn the techniques, prepare for exams, write programs, and complete their course projects. I have helped students one-on-one, in addition to classroom teaching. I've done a lot of coursework, myself. As a graduate student in economics I completed six graduate-level econometrics courses, in addition to two econometrics courses when I was an undergraduate. I applied those econometric techniques as part of my own graduate thesis work and as a research assistant. Read more

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