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TUTOR: Spanish, ESL, Study Skills, Elementary School

I have a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University. I was in charge of Marketing for an Art Gallery in New Orleans for 15 years where I organized art openings and advertised the business. Also, I took many Marketing classes to earn my degree. I'm also in charge of marketing TV shows and talent in Los Angeles through Juan-ah-Laff Productions, Inc. Read more


Patient and Experienced Math Tutor

I have taught Geometry for many years as a high school math teacher and thoroughly enjoy the subject. I have had great success at helping my students improve their level of success and enjoyment of this subject. Last year, one of my tutoring students in Geometry went from a low "C" average to a high "A"! She has done so well that she hasn't needed my help this year in Algebra 2 and she is still making As. It is amazing what filling in the gaps can do for a student's confidence and achievement! Read more


Expert English Tutor: SAT, ACT, Writing, Grammar, Reading, & Vocab

While I am primarily an SAT English tutor with a decade of successful experience, I also help a few ACT students each year. My students raise their scores by learning the grammar rules and learning to notice those patterns in every sentence. They also learn how to structure and develop an essay quickly. It's important to note that while the formats of the two tests are different, the basic approaches are the same. There are more "English" (Writing) and fewer (Critical) Reading multiple choice questions on the ACT than on the SAT. Vocabulary is not as much of an issue on the ACT and some peop Read more


Motivating tutor for Reading, Writing, and Study Skills

My combination of education and experience has prepared me to tutor in the subject of Study Skills. While completing the master's programs in English and Creative Writing, I had an opportunity to complete the Graduate Certificates in Teaching Composition and Teaching Post-secondary Reading, which required careful reflection on how to improve beginning college students' study skills such as annotation, organization, and time management. I also had the opportunity to spend two semesters tutoring at SFSU's English Tutoring Center and one semester as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Skyline Read more


Teacher looking to tutor

In May 2015, I will officially be a licensed teacher. Study strategies include organized planners, notes, sticky notes and self testing. I am great at creating one sheet concept handouts, anchor charts and teaching plans. Plans include bubble/double bubble charts, flow maps, tree maps, and diagrams. Visualization and word problems are also great study skills. Read more


Enthusiastic math and science tutor!

I have taken several college-level courses in computer programming, including C++ and Matlab programming languages. I am also in a PhD program for which I write computer programs for science research. I like to focus on programming concepts when tutoring, and break down confusing computer algorithms into simple, understandable pieces. Read more


Personable Tutor with a Love of Learning

The ASVAB tests a very wide base of knowledge in areas that are not always taught in school. It is key to a person taking the ASVAB to study specific subject areas taught and to learn a general amount of information about a broad range of topics. I test very well and have always passed tests for boards and certifications on the first time. The reason is because I have mastered the ability to learn enough information without having to be perfect on every fact. For the ASVAB a potential learner will need to take the practice test and see what areas they need specialized tutoring in. At that poin Read more


Elementary Education all Subject Areas Licensed, 12+ years experience.

I'm an Elementary education teacher with 12+ years experience. I've worked with all levels of primary education Pre-k through 6. My teaching experience includes self-contained classrooms for all subject areas as well as departmentalized teaching as a science teacher. I now work as an independent contractor. I am a freelance writer and traveling tutor, my education license is current and active. My time availability is flexible and am willing to meet with your child to help them have a succes... Read more


Master's Degree-Knowledgeable, Patient, Effective ALL SUBJECTS A+

I have tutored for over 20 years, at Kaplan, for the Tulane and UNO Athletic Departments, and my own tutoring service. I provided instruction and mentoring of high school and college students in Math, Verbal, Science, Reading and Study Skills for ACT =31, SAT 97% tile, and MCAT =31, to improve test-taking skills. I was a Pre-Med major, studied Biology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, and more, attended LSU Medical School, & worked in Ochsner Cancer Institute. Read more


University-Level Chemistry and Math Tutor. High, Middle, and Elem too!

I received my degree in chemistry, with honors. I have worked for the last year and a half as a chemistry researcher at UC Santa Cruz. In addition I have taught chemistry at UC Santa Cruz, and have been employed as an instructor and tutor in chemistry. I have worked with students of all ages to grasp the concepts and intricacies of chemistry. Read more

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