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Brass Instrument Teacher

I offer private lessons in trombone. These lessons will guide the student as to the proper techniques of tone production, increasing range, articulation, phrasing, intonation, practice techniques and performance techniques. I am a professional trombonist and this is how I make the majority of my living. My performing and practicing experience is of great help to my students as they progress as brass instrument musicians. I also teach at the college level at San Francisco State University, Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College. I have been teaching at the college level sinc Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Photographer, Musician, and Media/Show Production Professional

I have been working on-location and in studio for the past 15 years as a Production Assistant,, Grip, Gaffer, Master Electrician, Assistant Camera, and Director of Photography. I have worked on productions for PBS, ShopNBC, HSN, Buskerfilms, Freemantle Media, AVT, MOSI, dangerously adorable productions, and more. Working in both digital and analog mediums, I am able to walk students through a project step by step. Read more


Anabel, specializing in all things English

While in college I spent two years tutoring lower level elementary school students in reading with the America Reads organization in Ohio. After graduating I moved to Japan for two years, where I tutored college-age students in English reading and writing skills. Most recently in California I taught ESL literacy classes to adult immigrants, focusing on reading and writing. Read more


Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Writing...take your pick!

I have a history of success on standardized tests (SAT, GRE general test, GRE subject test (chemistry), AP subject exams). One very important key to doing well is to make sure you walk into the test with confidence that you will excel over the next few hours. That confidence comes in two ways: 1) You're a genius, in which case you need no tutoring, or 2) You have prepared carefully for the test. I cannot make you a genius more than you already are, but careful preparation is something I can take you through. Try the following strategies on your own, for a taste of what I can offer: 1) Read Read more


Certified Music Teacher and Professional Trumpet Player

I am a certificated music teacher for K-12 Music. I have successfully completed my bachelor's degree in music education, which included music theory, aural training, music history, and sight singing. I also successfully passed the Praxis II music content knowledge exam in the process of becoming certified. Read more


Music Tutor

I'm a music education major at the University of Oklahoma. I love teaching, and I love learning. I'm looking to be a tutor to start my teaching experiences early, so I may be prepared when I graduate. I have tutored in the past; I gain satisfaction from seeing the profit my students gain from my teaching. The most inspirational people in my life have been my teachers. I am looking forward to entering the teaching workforce because of my passion. Many people have strayed from the educati... Read more


Mr. Malcolm's Music School

I have taught music at a grammar school for 11 years. I also teach private piano and trumpet after school. Even though group/class lessons are available, private lessons are more successful. One of my piano students has gone on to be the the 1st chair pianist for the La. All-State Jazz band for the 2012-13 school year. I have played professionally in the New Orleans area for 32 years.... Read more


Doctorate of Music

Ear Training is essential part to performing an instrument. For over ten years from my Bachelor's to my Doctorate in Music Performance the ear training I received and implemented with my own students as well as in Master Classes. The tools, programs, and overall simplification of ear training is easily taught and adaptable to all different types of students. I personally work on ear training everyday as well as in touch with colleagues for new ideas and ways to teach. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Musician - currently available for consulting only

I studied ear training formally for two years in college, and I have created well over 100 full arrangements and transcriptions of pop, rock, and jazz songs for all kinds of instruments by taking melodies and chords from recordings. I consider ear training vital and often overlooked in the education of younger students. They should learn to play by ear, work on their intonation early and often, and easily identify intervals and chords and translate them to their instruments, rather than being limited to playing what they can read on a page of sheet music (but reading is important too!). Read more


Math, Science, and English Tutor, College Counselor.

I was required to take a Graduate level Epidemiology course for my degree, and I received the highest grade in the course. In addition, I have taken courses in Public Health, Human Exposure to Environmental Contaminants, Toxicology, and Data Analysis I and II -- both Graduate level statistics courses at UCI. I was trained in my Data Analysis courses to use the powerful statistical analysis software, SPSS. My experience and coursework in Epidemiology and Public Health, combined with the skills I gained in Data Analysis with SPSS software, represent the most current, real-world applications o Read more

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