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Biology Tutor Available

BA in Biology/Chemistry from Skidmore College. Coursework in General Biology, Invertebrate Zoology and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. I also teach biology at St Joseph Regional High School in Montvale, NJ. The third and fourth marking period curriculum covers zoology of all phyla of the animal kingdom. Read more


Ecologist, Writer and Educator specialized in Math or Science Tutoring

I obtained a minor in Math while in college and find algebra in particular to be a fun and useful set of tools for daily life. From simple questions such as how long it will take to get to a specific destination to comparing prices at the grocery store, algebra can be very useful. I assisted in the classroom at an alternative school and often helped students work through math problems and understanding basic concepts in the subject. Read more


"Chem"amazing Chemistry Teacher and Tutor

In addition to having a BS degree and an active certification to teach Biology, I concentrated my studies on Botany and Plant Taxonomy. I am able to teach and tutor every aspect that a student would need assistance or support with. I have many resources that I have created that will assist my success tutoring Botany. Read more


Results Oriented Math, Science, and Music Tutoring

I have extensive skills in email setup, account setup, import and export of information, archiving and more. I have been a user of Outlook in the business world since the first day it came out and have solved many issues with it at work and at home. I have setup many different accounts through pop servers and been the main troubleshooter in all my past jobs and in my teaching career. I can teach you to be more productive using calendar and tasks and how to setup shortcuts to minimize your work load. In short I can help anyone master Outlook! Read more


I love Biology and Science!

I first took Human Anatomy at Randolph-Macon Women's College in my undergraduate work. I then became an electron microscopy technician, working up to Research Associate, so I know the histology of cells and tissues. I took the Summer Institute in Medical Gross Anatomy at Georgetown University in approximately 1998, and have a Masters Degree in the General Medical Sciences (with a concentration in Anatomy) from USF School of Medicine in 2007. I've taught Anatomy and Physiology as an adjunct in the colleges in Baltimore/Washington and Tampa and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. Read more


ACT, SAT, English, Math, Biology Chemistry, Homeschooling

I have used algebra in a practical way during my career in research. I tutored high school level to college level algebra to adults who attended evening classes when I lived in the United Kingdom. Since then I have tutored numerous algebra 2 students over the past several years in the United States. Read more


NC Science Leader

My degree is in wildlife management and botany was part of the research that I was engaged in as a wildlife biologist. I took botany in college and for the largest part of my teaching career, I taught environmental science, which always included Botany. I managed a greenhouse as a classroom for six years where plants where essential, and I currently have the largest flower gardens in my region, and I am beginning to dominant one garden with tropical plants. Read more


I'm patient, empathic, reliable, and motivated to help you learn.

One of the reasons I chose my college and graduate school was that students were exposed to a wide variety of subjects in the sciences and humanities. My education spanned natural biological sciences, chemistry, and geology, plus technical fields like developmental biology, genetics, and physics. Within the natural sciences, I focused on botany and zoology, so I am trained and experienced in plant and animal ecology, interactions, and conservation. Additionally, I worked in the university herbarium and greenhouse, learning to identify common and exotic plants, as well as techniques for graftin Read more


Science and Math Tutor

I've taken 4 years of college level chemistry, dealing with inorganic, organic and physical. I graduated from UCSC one class short of a double major in chemistry. My organic chemistry course was taught by an instructor that is well known for his skill in the subject, students attending other universities often choose to come to Cabrillo to take the course. I love chemistry almost as much as I do biology and as my students could tell you I'm very passionate about the topic. Read more


Science and Humanities Writing Coach and Editor

I hold a BS in biology and an MS in ecology and evolutionary biology. My relevant coursework includes ecology, avian biology, herpetology, aquatic systems, and vertebrate zoology. I have assisted in research projects on the nesting ecology of American kestrels, breeding bird surveys and amphibian calling projects for NJ Audubon, bat banding and roost monitoring surveys, and ranavirus sampling of wood frog tadpoles. My thesis research focused on the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi (the causative agent of Lyme disease) in resident and migratory birds species in New Jersey. Read more

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