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`Doctoral political science grad student, 8 years teaching exper

I have taught college classes in political science and continue to do so as a graduate student. I have a total of eight years of teaching experience at the high school and college level. As a high school teacher I attained tenure and received outstanding evaluations of my teaching, and my students received high scores on end of course tests and the AP government exam. Read more


I love teaching and unlocking the clues to learning.

As a teacher that taught in grades 4-8, I taught Social Studies at each level. The term Social Studies covers many areas of education from history to the social interaction on cultures and students. It was always enjoyable to integrate all of these disciplines in one subject,"Social Studies". I have a General Elementary Credential, for both California and New York. I have had 20 years of teaching experience Read more


College student majoring in Politics and Economics.

I am a Political Science major focusing on regional conflict in the Middle East. My political classwork is extensive and I also have experience on location. I have spent numerous summers in Lebanon working with local government agencies and am fluent in both French and Arabic. I have both a theoretical and empirical background in politics, consisting of multiple years of classwork. Read more


Elite, Experienced Chemistry and Law Tutor (Chem. B.S. & J.D.)

The California Bar Exam is one of the hardest, if not thee hardest in the country. The CA Bar is not just a test of knowledge, it's also a test of strategy and skills. When I took the CA bar in July 2014 and passed, only 48.6% of Californians passed. In July 2015, the pass rate was even lower. The ABA is making the tests more difficult to reduce the number of lawyers in CA. I took Barbri for my prep course. I have a very recent and in-depth understanding of the time a J.D. needs to invest to pass, the prep needed to succeed, and strategies to pass this very difficult test. Read more


Let me help you succeed

As a teacher of 15 years, from grades Pre-K through College, I have enjoyed helping many students learn and succeed. I take pride in being able to help students learn in a variety of ways. I have a knack for finding ways to break down complex tasks and teach them in ways that make them easier to understand. Tutoring allows me to take my skills and really focus on an individual student. This one on one interaction enables the student to find greater success than previously in a class ... Read more


Dedicated and Knowledgeable Tutor for History, English and Test Prep

  • $35 / h
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  • Salem , CT ( 06420 )
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I student taught Modern American History for four months at the college prep and honors level difficulty level. I am also certified by the state of Connecticut to teach American Studies and Civics. I also have a strong background in History and find sharing my knowledge of this subject with students a reward in of itself by helping future generations know about the past. Read more


Dr. Terri Successful Strategies that Work

I am a passionate educator. I have taught grades ranging from 1st grade thru the university level. I have 16 years teaching in the educational arena. I have also served as a school Principal both at a K-8 building and a Middle School 6-8 building. I am compassionate about learning and desire to share with students various strategies you can use to be successful. These techniques are life lasting and will get you positive results in the classroom. I am an excellent English tutor becaus... Read more


Above and Beyond Tutor Specializing in English, Reading, & History

I am a certified teacher with four years experience working in the public school system. I have worked with middle school students primarily but have also worked with 6th and 5th grade on a regular basis. I also taught preschool for a season. I have an education master's degree with a focus on learning styles and develop lessons that work to reach each child where they are currently in their academics. I have taught and tutored reading, writing, English, social studies, science, and basic math through my teaching career and am certified in many of the individual topics. Read more


Experienced Tutor for Any Age

I have taken the GRE twice (once under the old rules and another time just this weekend), and in both cases I scored very highly (1330 the first time and 337 this weekend). Having recent experience taking the test, I can provide guidance on the flow of the exam and what to expect in each section. Also, I am very confident with the skills required to do well on the exam, and I can teach those skills effectively. I have taught test taking skills before, and I can help students feel prepared going into the exam. Read more


A recent college graduate and professional animal trainer

As part of working as a teaching assistant in the 6th grade, I was responsible for working one-on-one with the special education students to provide individualized attention to help them meet their goals. Many of these students suffered from ADD/ADHD. Patience is a crucial aspect of teaching in all circumstances, but is vital when working with students needing any kind of extra assistance. Read more

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