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Ivy League Tutor with Experience in Test Prep, Math, and More!

I offer tutoring for a wide range of subjects, SAT, ACT, and AP prep, and college application counseling throughout Connecticut! I was accepted to 12 universities, including Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Fordham University, Boston College, Boston University, and Northeastern University. I graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Education, and tutored and mentored students through school-university p... Read more


Expert Writing Tutor (Former Attorney and Ivy-trained Journalist)

There are three primary components to college counseling: advising students and their parents on which colleges to consider and apply to, assisting them with their application essays, and ensuring that students take (and score well) on the appropriate standardized tests. With regard to selecting the target schools, the first step is for students to think about what type of college they're looking for (large or small, urban or rural, university or liberal arts college, required courses, etc. . .). I encourage students to cast a wide net and to look at schools outside of their stated wish list Read more


Dr. Jaimie F.

All activities are more natural when the content is preferred. Reading is not an exception. At first, I meet with students and focus on acquiring and improving skills not only through areas of interest but also through learning style and multiple intelligence inventories. For example, students may be interested in snowboarding or sewing thus providing reading opportunities within a content area of interest through the proclivities determined in the inventories. Within tutoring sessions, not only is preferred content used for reading improvement but also academic content based on the unit Read more


"All-in-one:" Nationally Ranked, Caring, Results-oriented & Effective

I've taken the CBEST, and have passed with flying colors. I've also taken the two General Science CSET exams, and the CSET Biology exam, and did extremely well on both exams. I can teach you the newest, most up-to-date material, and strategies to ace this exam! I am also a great writer, and help you acquire the skills necessary to write fantastic essays! Read more


Learn writing skills from a published writer and graduate student

I am a graduate student at San Francisco State University who would love to help you improve your writing and critical reading skills! If you're looking for someone to guide you through the essay-writing process, proofread your work, help you prepare for tests (standardized and in-class), work with you on critical reading skills, or anything else pertaining to the English and writing disciplines, I'm your girl. I'm extremely passionate about literature and I hope that my enthusiasm will r... Read more


SAT, Essay Writing, Vocabulary, Biology

SAT Reading Qualifications I have experience teaching the Critical Reading portion of the SAT one-on-one to students. I teach strategies to break down the reading comprehension passages into manageable parts as well techniques in close reading. SAT Writing Qualifications I have experience teaching the Writing portion of the SAT as a private tutor. I teach students the grammar basics as well the specific grammatical errors that commonly appear in SAT questions. I've developed take-home materials that I assign students after lessons to help with memorization of key SAT vocabulary words and gram Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Jon, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry Teacher

I have taught Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry for 10 years. I have been tutoring 6th grade through College Algebra for 5 years. I can help you pass your class. I know a lot about the TI-84 Plus and Geometer's Sketchpad. I tutor during evenings. I can help you pass the Algebra I STAAR exam. I teach students simple problem-solving methods. Contact me if you have any questions.... Read more


Experienced Test Prep and Language Tutor

I have over ten years' experience working with students on the specific knowledge and tactics they will need to achieve their best possible score on the SAT Math section. I formerly worked as an instructor for the Kaplan Center in Pittsburgh, PA and am currently teaching SAT and SSAT classes at a school in Andover, MA. Read more


Harvard Grad with 10 Years Teaching Experience

I am a certified teacher (Georgia, Secondary English grades 6-12), and as such, I have had coursework in the field of teaching students with special needs. ADD/ADHD is a predominant diagnosis in modern students, and I have taught countless students who struggle with its effects. Some have been learning under IEPS, some have simply had a physician's diagnosis, and some - most sadly - exhibited all the symptoms but had never been fully evaluated, leaving them to suffer with little extra help. I understand the triggers and distractors that impact a student's focus, and I can modify tutorial sessi Read more


SAT & ACT Test Prep; Middle School Math, Science, and Literacy

I love sharing my love for learning with my students. I have had experience working with students of all ages, but specialize in SAT/ACT test preparation as well as elementary and middle school education, with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking skills across all subject areas. I strive to challenge students in existing strength areas and provide skills, learning techniques, and content support in areas of lesser confidence. I have found that each student has their own way ... Read more

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