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Tutor Math and Computer Skills

I am familiar with using Unix while working as a Project Manager at a Market Research company. I know how to get around the system and use various commands. I have used XEDIT and am very familiar with that. I know how to concatenate files, change directories, make directories, copy files, search files, etc. Read more


Will help you LOVE math, science, and computing!

Algebra is often the place where many students first feel lost with mathematics. This series of courses represents the first real level of abstraction presented to children on their journey through acquiring mathematical modeling tools, as such, acquisition it is highly dependent upon each students's individual cognitive state and processes. Unfortunately, large class sizes and an academic model that was not well-designed for scaling leaves many students behind. My research is in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and I am therefore well-grounded in cognition. The strengths, tec Read more


Professional MATH and PHYSICS TUTOR

In University I had the C language course. I worked with the C language in many other courses specifically in Operating Systems and Compiler design the C language was the basic tool. I have taught C language as a tutor in college in computer programming during my undergraduate. I have also taught science and engineer students the fundamental as well as the advanced concepts of the C programming language and its applications to solving engineering and scientific problems. In my engineering practice I write hoc application programming in the C language. Read more


Professional Computer Geek

I have been training accountants, bookkeepers and other financial personnel on the use of accounting software packages for many years. Before anyone can learn how to use a tool such as a software package, they need to understand what the tool actually does for them. I am very familiar with training people on the actual accounting procedures as well as how to use various financial tools to accomplish them. Read more


Personal and comprehensive Database Developer for PL/SQL

I have practiced the use of Oracle PL/SQL in the field for 10 years. I have trained others in the use of code I have introduced to their environment, both verbally and in written documentation. I understand the value of starting with familiar and simple concepts, and then progressing to more complex or less familiar concepts/topics. I recognize that each individual has a mode of learning that is most natural for that person - whether audial or visual, and that adapting to the person's optimal learning mode is vital to ensure their learning experience. The tutor must always bear in mind that ea Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Do the Math. Anyone can!

My undergraduate teacher education course work covered ADD/ADHD. I did post graduate work in Psychology, with emphasis on ADD/ADHD research. As a certified substitute teacher I have worked directly with ADD/ADHD students. As a Math teacher, we have mainstreamed many special needs students and as such I have had a lot of experience working with this student population. I am currently tutoring two students, one with ADD and the other ADD/ADHD. Read more


When would you like to start improving your Spanish?

I am a native Spanish speaker with a successful and diversified teaching experience. My teaching experience includes College and graduate level students, business persons and young students of different ages. I have over 6 years teaching Spanish as a Second Language. I completed successfully the Berlitz Spanish instructor qualification program. I am able to teach Spanish for business, for travelers, for students, for social interactions and the Spanish language cultural implications. The most important goal of my approach is for my students to speak the language and use it comfortably. Lesson Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Math and Science Tutor

If you need help with math or science, let's talk. If you are a teacher and need help with the state required exams, I can help you with that also. "Teaching methods?" It's about YOU knowing what you're doing so well, that when you get through, you can teach others. That's where I come in, to help YOU get to that level.... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Physics and math and computers ... oh my!

I completed courses in Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations as part of my math degree. As a physics student, I used differential equations on a daily basis in classes such as Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, at the undergrad and grad level. I have continued to study theoretical physics as a hobby and have kept my acquaintance with differential equations fresh. Read more


Experienced Math and Computer Skills Tutor

I have delivered various programming solutions using C and also C++, including programming projects for industry and computer science research at both UTD and Bowie State Universities. I have also mentored and trained colleagues on programming assignments, including teaching a course in Web development at Stratford college, VA. I have obtained both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in computer science. I have worked in information technology for over 15 years and have performed successfully in various roles including Application and Systems Programmer, providing solutions usin Read more

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