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I am a highly competent and patient Math and Science tutor!

Hello students! I received my PhD in 2003 from the University of Houston. I have tutored thousands of students in mathematics (and physics too). I worked with high-school students as well as college and university students. I have also taught some 600+ courses in mathematics, from remedial to graduate level classes. I also have a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics, and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering/Physics. I also worked one-on-one with thousands of students of different... Read more


Experienced and Focused on Fundamentals of Middle and High School Math

I have an MBA in International Business. Diverse career working in new ventures, private portfolio companies, and international subsidiary companies operating in the USA. Four companies acquired by large multinationals to gain access to markets, technologies and key management and engineering teams. Read more


Recently retired from a two year college. Enjoy problem solving a

My undergraduate degree in Mathematics and two Masters degrees in Mathematics and Statistics qualifies me to teach ACT Math. You may have noticed my test score for this course was above minimum requirement. Although I haven't taught this course, I have trained both our sons to excel in this public examination and got admission to Brown University. I'm confident I could teach this course without any difficulty. Read more


All levels of undergraduate mathematics and statistics

In the course of earning a Ph.D. in statistics I took a variety of graduate-level applied statistics courses that covered techniques used in biostatistics among other things. Since then I have done some work in collaboration with a medical doctor on statistics relevant to data arising in genetics. The biostatistics courses for which students most often seek tutoring cover material I have taught at several universities. Read more


Mathematics Help

Hello, I'm Chris. I have always been a Math geek. I love Math and have spent the time learning it. I'm offering to put that knowledge to work for you. I like to focus on the logic of mathematics. Everything in mathematics is built from basic principles. I start from the basics to show students how and why things are done. With connections drawn from known principles, and with some encouragement, many students find they know more than they think they do. I ask questions to guide the student ... Read more


I love math, and love to teach it

I have taken and passed the CBEST. I have been teaching/tutoring math (elementary through Calculus) and substitute teaching (all subjects) for 12 years. I think my ability to do the math portion of the CBEST should be obvious based on subjects passed. While I rarely tutor other subjects besides math, I could. English is my first language. My father was an English and French teacher (retired) at Santa Ana College (my siblings and I learned to spell, speak and write properly). I speak three languages: French, Spanish and English which gives me a better understanding of grammar and word mean Read more


Certified Tutor in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics

I have tutored extensively at the community college level for Java, javascript, C++, and web design (dream weaver). I know that tutoring is not about getting a good homework assignment, but becoming a better student. I have extensive experience with perl. I constructed a web site in perl for user provisioning for a large automotive company. I've created a lot of perl scripts even at my current job to manage administrative tasks. Read more


A Well-Rounded, Experienced, and Science-Oriented Tutor

Despite the fact that I can offer assistance in many subjects to students of all ages, my academic credentials and background which include two Master of Science degrees and several years of teaching experience at a college level make me more inclined to work with college and advanced high school students on science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology) as well as standardized test preparation (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT) and academic competition exams. Also, I can work with stude... Read more


Expert Math and Physics Tutoring!

I have taken college courses covering the material typically covered in a discrete mathematics course. Courses taken including logic (earned A), abstract algebra (earned A), and linear algebra (earned A). Discrete math covers all of these topics. In addition, I have tutored discrete math students at Roosevelt University. Read more


College/High School Math and Physics Tutoring

I have recently relocated to San Antonio, TX from Indiana. I am the mathematics teacher at St. Philips College Early College High School. I am certified in Texas to teach mathematics and all science subjects in grades 6 - 12. I have three years of high school teaching experience and nineteen years of experience as a full-time professor of mathematics and physics. I have taught traditional as well as online mathematics classes for high school and college-level classes and have experience te... Read more

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