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BS, BA, MS, JD, patient, and ready to tutor almost anything

The National Council for the Social Studies defines social studies as "the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence." I have extensive training in the social sciences, humanities, and civic competence including degrees in economics, policy, and law. I have a well-rounded social studies education. I am ready to put information into meaningful context, so I can pass my education along to my students. Read more


Professional ESL Teacher

My name is Kayla. I have been an ESL teacher for several years now. I have worked overseas in China and I now currently teach English as a second language for one of the largest international language institutions. I am very passionate about English and teaching. I thoroughly enjoy my job and working with my many students. Along with teaching I also professionally score and rate ITOEIC exams. I am highly familiar with the skills necessity to learn English, all aspects of such, and I am dedic... Read more


Empower English Tutoring

I am a certified teacher who is skilled in helping students organize themselves in order to achieve higher grades. I am well-organized, and I have used this skill to help my students organize themselves academically. Study strategies are another area that I can help students with as I am experienced in teaching ELL students, who need extra support in reading comprehension, memorization strategies, etc. Read more


Experienced Tutoring Tailored to Your Child's Learning Style

I am a developmental psychology student at Liberty University. At the college I tutored at, I tutored to special needs kids and I nanny special needs children. I have a lot of experience designing curriculum that fits their learning style. With ADHD it is about getting a lot done in a short period of time. I have learned that if I allow my students breaks, they perform better. Also it is about recognizing their frustrations and helping them to conquer them. Read more


Problem Solving Specialist --- Graduate School 4.0/4.0

I have a B.A. in Elementary Education and a M.A. in Human Development. I graduated with a perfect 4.0. I have many years of experience teaching Special Education, specifically, students with ADD/ADHD. I utilize various strategies to compensate for the student's inability to concentrate and follow directions. I focus on the student's strengths and interests. I gauge progress incrementally, so that the student feels successful, and he wants to set goals and achieve greater success. Read more


Test Preparation, Math, Science, English

As a Medical School Graduate who has taken the MCAT and who has been exposed to the expectations of the Medical School Curriculum, I can work with you (the prospective Medical School matriculant) to help you understand what is important for the MCAT examination and why. During sessions, I will address each topic tested on the exam, provide you with practice questions and alert you to test taking techniques/strategies. Read more


Very experienced and effective tutor

I am a professional published author who has taught writing and reading comprehension to students at the high school and university level. I am qualified to teach ESL as well which has taught me how to better teach reading comprehension to students who have a difficult time reading. I am a very competent teacher and have a very good command of English grammar. This skill helps me to explain to students the best way to construct sentences and how to organize an essay. Read more


Certified English/ESOL Teacher

I have a masters degree in TESOL from the University of Central Florida. During this time, I studied many aspects of the field including teaching grammar, reading, writing, and test preparation. As well, I have attended many conferences and continued to study the topic to keep up to date on the latest advancements. Read more


ESL Professor Available for English, Comp, Writing, Business, etc.

I have a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership in Communications. I have taken classes in finance, economics, business communications, business writing, business ethics, org. behavior, human resource management, MIS, operations management, principles of management, etc. I currently teach an ESL in the Workplace course at Marshall University, as well as a graduate writing course with/for MBA students. Read more


ESL/TOEFL/Chinese Tutor

I majored in Chinese (Mandarin) at Wofford College. I studied abroad at Peking University for a semester. My senior year of college I taught Chinese to K-8th graders twice a week. I also spent two years in the countryside of China where most people could not speak English so using Chinese was a necessity. Read more

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