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Experienced teacher

I have been a classroom teacher for 14 years. I have had at least 3-4 students each year with ADD/ ADHD and have learned and developed many strategies for helping those students focus and complete work. My students with ADD/ ADHD have found great success in my classroom. I have attended many professional seminars and workshops on ADD/ADHD. I am always incorporating new strategies and learning about the latest research on ADD/ADHD. Read more


Elementary to College

I am trained as an elementary teacher and have taught phonics to preschoolers through independent readers using phonics. I love using songs, games, chants, and fun to help children learn in a relaxed and enjoyable way. I have also taught nonliterate adults to read using a computer based phonics program with great success. No one is too young or too old to learn to read when given the right tools. Read more


Recent college grad

I am about to graduate from DePaul University in elementary education. I have spent the last 4 years in classrooms and volunteering my time in programs that involve children. I volunteered at an after school non-profit tutoring place in Chicago 3 days a week during my junior year. I am student teaching in kindergarten at a Chicago Public School. I have spent a great amount of time in second and third grade CPS schools as well. I have seen what is needed to tailor the teaching methods for each student. Read more


Improving Foundations In Early Childhood Education (Pre-K - 5th)

I have a BS in Early Childhood Education. I also earned a master's degree in Instructional Technology. I am a veteran teacher with 17 years experience. During my tenure I also was the home bound teacher, teaching students after school who qualified due to illness of 10 days or more. I have also tutored underprivileged boys from a nearby boy's home to improve their standardized state test scores. Read more


Experienced teacher that knows every student can be successful!

Hello, my students call me Mrs. A, and I am an Arizona native who has been teaching for 10 years. I became a teacher because I have a love of learning and I desire others to find that love also. I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, and a master's degree in Educational Leadership. I have taught grades K-3 for every subject. I have also tutored junior high students in math and reading to prepare them for state tests. I have spent a few summers teaching summer sch... Read more


Former elementary school teacher

Throughout my 26 years of working with elementary school children I have had the opportunity to receive experience and extensive training in multiple phonics based programs. Beginning with basic Modern Curriculum Press drill and practice pages, I later became certified in both the Road to Reading and Phonics First programs. I taught Title 1 Reading for 20 years and have great opportunity to apply the skills developed by these programs, as well as perfect and add my own unique, successful methods of instruction. Read more


Unique kids, unique education

I work in a school at the elementary level. Most of my students are in fourth grade, but I also work with a fifth grade student, third, and second grade. I had difficulties with math all through school, which meant that I had to work harder to understand it. My understanding of math comes from in-depth study of how the different concepts relate to real-life situations. Read more



Although my teaching certifications are for middle & high school, I am in my fifth year of homeschooling my son. We cover all subjects, and I do a great deal of research in compiling our homeschool curriculum. In addition, I have worked as an elementary-level after-school tutor in both public library and non-profit environments. Read more


Trained Teacher and Experienced High School Aide

I believe that any student has the ability to learn any subject. It is only a matter of finding the way that the student will be able to best comprehend the material. I specialize in helping students break through the barrier of "I can't do it" and "I hate it." I believe that learning is an interactive process and needs to be fun for the best learning environment. I was a teacher's assistant in a high functioning special needs high school class for 5 years, which I later had the honor of stu... Read more


Customized Tutoring According to Individual Learning Style

In a classroom situation I taught several students with diagnosed ADHD or ADD. As a private tutor, I have assisted even more pupils with one of these diagnoses, as a classroom situation generally does not meet all their educational needs. Both groups need the freedom to learn in untraditional postures and activities....standing, moving, spinning, sitting on one foot, tapping. Being allowed to moves assists them in focusing. Children with ADD sometimes do best when allowed to complete a project before going on to the next. It can difficult for them to switch gears. Children with ADHD actu Read more

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