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(1217) Voice (music) tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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Tutor with experience in Music and ACT review

I have studied classical vocal music for six years. Throughout this time, I have had opportunities to travel the world and sing. I traveled to seven countries in Europe with a solo part in the Wisconsin Ambassadors of Music program, have sang at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison through the WSMA State Honors Choir, and have attended many camps and lectures on music since middle school. I have also had the grand opportunity to sing at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen with the Taliesen Choir performing Brahm's Requiem. I am very excited to share my knowledge with you! Read more


Quality Music Lesson For All!

Ear Training, sight-singing, and Music Theory are all subjects that are connected to subjects I have taught successfully. I was an honor student in these subjects and very well-versed in preparing students to hear music for AP classes and beyond. I have also been successful with ear training classes as I have also studied microtonal music, which further breaks down notes into smaller intervals. This was what my DMA was based on at Rutgers University as well. Read more


Music Lessons - voice, instruments, theory/history, more!

I have a Bachelors in Music in Music Education degree from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. I took ear training classes for two years during my undergraduate time. In addition, I have perfect pitch, which means I can discern exactly when and where a student makes a mistake with a melody or interval. Read more


Ph.D (retired) Science professor for general science and mathematics

I am an enthusiastic science professor who was placed into early retirement due to university budget cuts. Both science and mathematics instruction are my lifelong passion. I believe that every student who wishes to pursue either of these fields needs a strong foundation and clear understanding of concepts. Once the concept has been understood all related examination and homework problems are easy to understand. For over 12 years I worked in the textbook publishing field and am familiar with... Read more


Enthusiastic University-Level Italian Instructor

I have 5 years experience in tutoring students of various ages and abilities in language (K-12 and university/college-level). With a Masters degree in Italian Studies, I specialize in Italian language and culture. I have also lived in Italy for 1 1/2 years as both a student and language instructor and have most recently worked as an Italian lecturer at a major university. In order to meet my students' needs I identify their personal abilities in writing, comprehension and speaking and gear my lesson plans toward improving their weaknesses with engaging and memorable activities. In order to acc Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Composer and Tenor

I am a young American composer and singer and have written a wide variety of music. I especially enjoy working on background music and modern choral music. I have written music for such conductors as the world-renowned Dr. Brady Allred and his choir, the Salt Lake Choral Artists. I have also written some soundtrack music for video games and short videos, such as for the Salt Lakespeare project. I graduated from Snow College with a degree in Commercial Music with emphasis in composition. I... Read more


Awarded Scholastic author tutoring Spanish!

Hello there! Spanish is the most popular language in USA today. "With 34,547,077 speakers, the number of Spanish-speakers in the US has increased by 210 percent since 1980, with the highest concentrations in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago" I can teach your child to read and write in Spanish. I am graduated from the National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba. Spanish is my native language. I am also a Scholastic winning author with several books in Spanish published. My method when tut... Read more

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Melissa majored in piano in college and participates in solo work.

My parents were both musical so I grew up with both parents singing in church. My first solo would have been when I was around 9 when I was in a children's choir. I took vocal lessons in high school and participated in the chorus of two musicals. Once I entered college, I participated in choir. Besides every choir practice being a singing lesson, I also took a singing class. Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Patient Spanish native speaker tutor also trained as an Opera Singer.

I was born in Venezuela and there I went to several institutions to study music: I studied at Conservatorio Juan José Landaeta: 3 years of Theory and Solfege, plus 1 year of Classical Guitar and choir. Then I studied at Escuela de Música Lino Gallardo, 2 more years of Theory and Solfege then 1 year of Harmony, Music History, Secondary Piano and Voice. Later at The Conservatorio Simón Bolívar, I studied Voice and Italian Diction and reviewed Solfege. Later on, I did my Master's in Opera Performance at Longy School of Music (MA, USA) where besides Voice, Diction, and Opera, I review Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Music, Special Ed Computer, and Elementary Ed teacher

I have been teaching students and adults with ADD/ADHD in the classroom for the past 15 years. I have worked as an educational therapist working with elementary, middle, and high school students who need the extra time and help with organization, time management and the feeling of empowerment for success. Look forward to working with you! Read more

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