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Professional Educator, Georgetown Grad and Lifelong Learner

I am in Special Education at an area high school, where I am part of the Flex program, an academic support program for students with emotional, learning and behavioral issues. In my job, I essentially serve as a tutor in all subject areas to the 35 students in the program. A large percentage of my students are dealing with ADD/ADHD, and it is my role to support them academically and to teach them self-help strategies that enable them to succeed personally and academically. As a tutor and a professional educator, I have worked with ADD students for more than 7 years. I am recognized by my peers Read more


All Level Reading and Special Education Tutoring

I am certified by the states of Texas and New Mexico to teach students with ADD/ADHD and taught them for 28 years of my 38 years of public school teaching and 15 years of private teaching. Utilizing what works for an individual student, phonics and redirecting to task have worked well for me. I use an interactive method that requires physical and verbal interaction and utilizes all learning styles with an emphasis on fluency. Read more


Ms. Diane, caring and effective teacher

I have 28 years of teaching experience at many different levels and with a variety of students. I am familiar and experienced with students with learning didabilites, IEP's, autism, gifted, and youthful offenders. My specialty areas are in reading and language arts with special training in intensive reading. I have taught students from PreK through 12th grade. My approach is serious yet flexible and sequential and focused. I always begin by assessment and evaluation and examination of... Read more


Adrienne S.-Grades K-12 and Special Needs/Excecptional Students

I am certified to teach k-12 special education. In addition, I've passed the elementary certification test. For seven years, I have tutored elementary students to supplement my income and gain experience working with younger students. Currently, I tutor two students in the third grade, both of whom I've been tutoring since the beginning of their second grade years. Finally, as a part of my M.ED. in Education Leadership curriculum, I am interning in an elementary school for more experience and understanding of the elementary school, its curriculum and administration. Read more


Tutor with Autism and Special Needs Experience

As a Behavior Interventionist, I worked with clients who have ADHD. Currently, I also do respite work for an individual with ADHD. Further, I did an independent study through the University of Vermont where I worked with students at the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. Student in this center have many diagnosis, including ADD and ADHD. Read more


I have taught a self contained life skills program at New London

Teaching Special Education has been not only my career for over 20 years, but my passion as well. Being able to identify each individual students learning styles, and what methods work best to ensure individual success, enthusiasm for continuing to succeed and believing the student is feeling a sense of confidence, accomplishment and a willingness to not give up. Failure is not an easy obstacle to overcome, Ipart of my strategies in making students feel success is that I bring enthusiasm , humor and a great deal of hands on learning activities. Applying what is learned within the classroom Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


All Students Can Learn

I have successfully taught students with and without disabilities for more than twenty years. Since most of my students have a deficit in reading skills, I chose to obtain a Master's degree in Reading Education in order to better assist them in this area. Besides experience, I have a passion for teaching. That is why I have been in the profession for so long. I have recently been awarded a National Board Certification.... Read more


K-12 Special Education Teacher with 12 years experience

I have 12 years of special education teaching experience within the public school setting. I have taught life skills within a self-contained classroom and modified curriculum for students needing additional help in a resource room. I have expert knowledge when teaching special education. I write IEPs and am willing to be your child's advocate on his/her IEP team. I am a certified K-12 teacher with an LBS1 endorsement. I also have my masters degree in administration. Read more

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Experienced Special Education Teacher for tutoring services

I hope to instill a love of learning in your child. I have been teaching full time for the past 8 years as a special education teacher. I have instructed students grades PreK-grade 7 in all subject areas including reading, writing, math, science and social studies. I enjoy working with students with unique learning needs and I have a great deal of experience working with students with disabilities. By assessing students and tapping into their strengths, as well as teaching with an awarenes... Read more


Patient and knowledgeable nursing tutor(TEAS,Nurs.1-4, HESI, NCLEX )

I have my BSN from TSC. While st TSC I gave supplemental instruction to college students. I did Human A&P,I&II, Intro to Biology, Nursing I, and study skills. I was a school nurse/instructor for 20 years. I currently work per diem teaching home health care students to become certified with the state of New Jersey. I love teaching in the health care field. Read more

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