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Enthusiastic and Experienced Certified Teacher (All Subjects K-8)

American History is the story of our heritage! The key to understanding history is bringing historical events! In addition to learning key people, events and dates, students need to understand historical themes and patterns so they can see how this impacts the present and future. This subject is best learned by examining the essential knowledge and skills of history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science and technology and social studies skills and exploring how they are interrelated. Read more


High Octane Teaching

I have taken computer sciences in the old tradition of sequential programming code and object oriented code. I have a master's in engineering with heavy exposure to Fortran, Cobalt, C Programming, and other languages. I have completed advanced programming in JAVA. I have assembled desktop computers from base parts, configuring the motherboard to the I/O components and ports. I have taught computer science as a TA in my engineering program. Read more


Intelligent, Caring Teacher

I can teach your student the algebra, geometry, and trig skills to problem-solve for the math ACT. The math ACT has 60 questions in 60 minutes, with no deduction for guessing error. It's in the student's best interest to answer every question before time is up. This differs from the SAT math portion, in which 1/4 point is deducted for every wrong answer. Read more


Expert Writing, Reading, Literature Tutor-K-12 plus College

I've taught for English 30 years, all grade levels 6-12 and I mentored my own daughter and son for ACT and SAT English. Last year, I edited and revised with my daughter on thesis for her master's degree in art therapy. My son attends UCLA and still asks for my help structuring, supporting and editing his essays. I'm a published writer with four articles to my credit, in magazines and online news media. At my school, I was considered a master writer and expert grammarian. I can help you ace and ACT Test in English. Read more


Former Teacher: Expert in English, ESL, Writing, and Test Prep!

I taught grades that were tested by STAAR for three years. I have also tutored students in STAAR preparation for the last five years. I prepared students for STAAR tests in reading, writing, math, and science. Every year, 100% of my students passed their STAAR exams, and more than 50% earned a 90% of above, or "Commended" status. I feel confident that I can lead students to success on the STAAR test through tutoring and strategic preparation. Read more


Of course you can dominate that test! Let's get to work!

I have taught remedial and intervention classes for the STAAR English I EOC and the English II EOC for five years. I have also worked as an education specialist for a region education center where I had the privilege of designing and conducting STAAR English EOC trainings for teachers. I served as a STAAR EOC essay grader for Pearson for four years. Read more

Teaches 5 subjects


Bilingualism is not just a 4 syllable word

I have spent eight years teaching in the early childhood grade levels - 3rd grade. During my time teaching those grade levels, I would also tutor 4th and 5th grade ESL, as well as, TAKS and STAAR. Currently, I work a a curriculum writer, specializing in oral language, emergent writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension development. Read more


Regaining Your Child's Lost Confidence and Skills

Children suffering from ADD/ADHD suffer from the inability to concentrate, complete work, and often lack social skills. Although medicine may be the answer for some children, there are other techniques and alternatives that can be used in helping your child learn. I have experience working with this type of child as well as providing parents and students with information and resources in finding the right tools and techniques to advance their learning. Read more


The Teacher Tutor

I am currently a 4th grade teacher (a writing STAAR tested grade), so I know exactly what students will need to be successful. My students have demonstrated content mastery across the board and I'm confident that I'll be able to do the same for all children. I have also won numerous writing contests. Read more


Teacher with Master's Degree available for SAT and ACT test prep

I'm a career counselor who assists high school students with career planning, including assessments, career profiles and job shadowing or internships to help them narrow down their intended college major or career field. I have been working with high school students since 2003 and have been offering career planning services since 2009. Read more

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