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Tutor of All Trades

Hi students! I'm a Harvard and Columbia graduate with degrees in Physics and Computer Science. I work full-time as a software developer in downtown Chicago, but in my free time I want to help *YOU* succeed with whatever you're struggling with! Computer science, math, vocabulary/writing, SAT prep, biology, Spanish, chemistry, or whatever else you need — I can help. I'm committed to your success. About me: I graduated Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2003, worked in the reliabi... Read more


Script Evangelist

I have been programming computers since the mid-1970's. Languages used include PostScript (to version 2), BASIC, VisualBasic (to version 6.0), AppleScript, ExtendScript, JavaScript, ActionScript 3, iOS (xCode and Swift). Created curriculum and trained classes in VisualBasic, AppleScript, ExtendScript, and SQL (Sybase) for the newspaper industry for ten years. Markup languages include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and XML. I also have some experience using XSLT. Read more


New Tutor Specializing in Math and Computer Science

I am new to tutoring, and my long-term goal is to become an educator at the high school or college level. Although I don't have very much experience as an instructor, I feel that my academic achievements and enthusiasm for education will enable me to become an excellent tutor. I always loved school, and I performed very well throughout my academic career, earning "A" grades in ten AP (Advanced Placement) classes, scoring 2280 (out of 2400) on my SAT, and graduating magna cum laude with a mast... Read more


Software Developer with 10 years of experience

Software Developer with 10 years of experience, I like to teach with real life examples and I love to resolve every problem and to fully explain every question by developing a project (CRM, Web, or any type of visual software recognition project) for example a Automatic License Plate Recognition system Example Read more


Artificial Intelligence Researcher

I am currently an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Rutgers University who has attended multiple hackathons (computer programming competitions), worked on various personal projects, freelancing programming projects, and undergraduate research in Artificial Intelligence. I have worked on various different types of projects such as various of websites with databases, games, face trackers, emotion recognition systems, object recognition and detection, robots that picks items fro... Read more


Knowleadgeable Computer Science Programming Tutor

Offer tutoring sessions to School/College Students and Working Professionals in the following subjects : - AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles (APCS A/AP CSP) - Java/J2EE - Python Programming - R Programming - C++ Programming - Graphic Design using Illustrator I am a Physics graduate and have several years of professional IT experience. I strive to create a learning environment that is comfortable for all students. My sessions are very interactive with hands-on coding an... Read more


Modern Computer Use, Office Applications and Programming

Do you want help learning something related to computers? I can teach you the why's and how's of just about anything relating to modern personal computers. How to build, repair, utilize or program them. I can help you create clear, concise, professional documents for work or school, or learn how to be productive using application software like MS word or Excel, or how to create 2D or 3D graphics for use on the web. I can help you create your own web site or program games on android device... Read more


Experienced STEM Tutor

I am a college student at Drexel University studying Computer Science with a focus on game design. Besides Games, my biggest passion is helping others. I've been a private tutor for students from elementary to high school for nearly five years, and have learned that helping others reach academic goals is something I love doing! Over the years, I have learned a lot about teaching. First and foremost, my philosophy to teaching is working with you. I believe that it is any instructors duty to... Read more


Full-time Software Engineer CS Tutor

I have graduated with a liberal arts degree in Computer Science. I held over a 3.0 GPA in my computer science classes as well. Furthermore, I know how to teach a broad range of subjects in computer science. The twin sister language of Java. I am capable of programming this and teaching it well. The syntax, as I have shown with my degree in computer science, is interchangeable. It is the OOP practices that matter in teaching the subject C#. As a recent graduate from Loyola University Chi... Read more


Java and C++ Tutor

Hi my name is Nneka, I have my Associates in Computer Science and an Associates in Programming and System Analysis. During my Sophomore year of college I hosted an Honors Event where I informed students about computer programming and demonstrated how to create a basic program. As a result of hosting the event, individuals left with a better understanding about the career and some even considered it as a career for themselves. Currently I am a Computer Science student at Arizona State Universi... Read more

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