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Experienced Tutor for Music Theory, Composition, and Electronic Music

Hello - I'm Chris and I have taught students of various ages about music theory, composition, and technology (including recording, electronic music, and music notation). My approach is highly tailored to each student, and I am willing to tutor for multiple topics and specialties. I also have a broad knowledge of general subjects, ranging from poetry to geography, and from computers to writing. With two advanced degrees in music composition and a diverse liberal arts undergraduate training... Read more


Blenheim Tutoring

I am interested in helping students succeed. I think learning should be a pleasant experience, not a chore. Being able to enhance a student's reading and writing skills is very rewarding. I tutor students of all ages, from Pre-K to adult. I have tutored numerous ESL students and enjoy helping people learn to speak English. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English with two years' work towards a Master's. I also have a 2-year language certificate in Italian, and would welcome the opportunity to t... Read more


I'm a music student attending BYU.

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University. I am studying music. I have always loved music since I was a child. I began playing the piano at age 7, then learned to play the trumpet in middle school, and learned to play the organ in high school. I am very passionate about music and love teaching it to others. I am so thankful for the teachers and mentors that I had along the way. I am a music major at BYU and have taken core theory, ear training, and sight singing classes, all of ... Read more


Dynamic, experienced teacher

I have 25 years experience teaching Music and Writing in public school, community college, and university settings. I also am a church musician, voice and speech coach, and debate coach. I have retired from full-time teaching and now enjoy the freedom to work with individuals and help them meet their goals. So, if you need help with your academic work, I would love to help you discover how best you learn! If you want to work on your writing or your voice, I enjoy coaching students. I have ... Read more


Experienced Piano Teacher

I am a piano instructor and accompanist at the American International Music School with extensive experience, great teaching skills, and a lovely personality. I have eight years of experience in teaching piano, music theory, and music history. Besides teaching the beautiful art of piano playing, my instructions also include lectures on music styles, composers, and their biographies. I would like to reveal one of my personal beliefs about dedicating one's life to the study and performance... Read more


I am a very passionate music instructor with 27 years of experience.

I began my teaching experience in the elementary music classroom in 1989. I've continue to make a difference everyday in my music classroom. I have expertise in vocal music instruction and performance as well as performance and instruction as a piano teacher. I have alot of experience training other educators in computer programs, software, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and various software programs available on the world wide web. I am an educator who has the love of all age children. I believe all children can succeed and become successful. The Lord has given me the love of teaching and I want to help each student I'm blessed to tutor the live if lifelong learning. Read more


Math/Test Prep/Foreign Language Tutor: Patient and Knowledgeable

My teaching certification includes Mathematics, Spanish, and French. I tutor across a number of disciplines, but take my greatest pleasure in bringing an understanding of mathematics and foreign language to students struggling in those areas. I have taught Mathematics at both the community college and high school levels and have tutored math privately for over a decade. While teaching at the community college level, I also worked in the college's Math Tutoring Center and for Disability S... Read more


Language lover will help you master Linguistics (ELA), Anatomy, etc...

My name is Karlton- I'm 32. Although I have trained to be a high school English instructor, I am by far most effective as a 1-on-1 teacher/tutor. I have lived in a great deal of countries abroad, as well as a number of states domestically. These travels have refined my English and Spanish acumen, as did linguistics and literature in a wealth of college courses. I also successfully studied Anatomy and Kinesiology in the aim of becoming a rehab therapist. My sports knowledge is limited to b... Read more


Elementary Education and Music Tutor

Dear Student, My name is Mr. H. I am currently a General Music Teacher Specialist at a K-5 Elementary School in AZ. This year will be my eighth year teaching music. Previously, I taught three years at a K-3 Elementary School in the Glendale Elementary School District (AZ), three years at a K-5 Elementary School in the Fowler Elementary School District (AZ) and one year at a PreK-4 Elementary School in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools District (VA). I have earned two degrees in the fiel... Read more


John: Saxophonist, Music Theory Tutor, Composition Major

I have been doing music since I was little. I used to play around on piano and learn different video game songs. As I got into elementary school I did two years of orchestra where my biggest achievement was memorizing the William Tell Overture on Violin. In middle school I started what is now my almost 10 year trek as a saxophonist. By my 8th grade year I was first tenor in the middle school Jazz Band. In high school I took part in the marching band, wind ensemble, and 1st Jazz Band. I often ... Read more

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