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Making Korean and Japanese Fun and Easy to Learn for All

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I graduated with a degree in Japanese and English literature. After I graduated college, I went to take TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. Since then, I have spent several years teaching English, Korean and Japanese and being a supervisor to several other teachers. I have an outgoing type of personality, and enjoy teaching others to improve their knowledge of either Japanese, Korean or the English language. I also ... Read more

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I have lived and work most of my life in China and Japan and have acquired experience in both languages. My education has taken place both in China as well as Japan so I am very familiar with not only the languages but the cultures of both countries. I have worked for the Chinese government as well as private industry in the capacity of teacher and translator. I have taught both languages in China as well as Japan where I lived and worked for 10 years. I received my Bachelor of Arts de... Read more

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I have taught ESL/EFL/Foreign Languages (Chinese and Japanese) in Chicago (Elgin Community College and College of Lake County), Vermont (Marlboro College), NYS/NYC (Bard College and NYC K-12 Secondary), Madison, Wisconsin (MATC and K-12 Secondary), Tokyo (college level), and Taipei (all levels). I have had almost 30 years of teaching experience. I usually do individual need assessment (level of knowledge base/types of learning difficulty/learning style differences/etc.) in order to decide w... Read more

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Undergraduate math student hoping to help others

I got my first Bachelor's degree in Japanese at the University of Washington, and I am currently getting my second Bachelor's in math at University of Washington Bothell campus. I have previously tutored math to elementary school students and saw their understanding and grades improve through our sessions. Additionally, I was an assistant English language teacher in Japan for 3 years for middle school students, so I am familiar not only with teaching English as a foreign language but also w... Read more


Patient and Friendly Bilingual tutor

Dear prospective student, I am a recent college graduate from Edmonds Community College. I was born in Tokyo, and moved to the States when I was seven years old, and I am often praised for my ability to speak completely fluently in both English and Japanese. Until today, I have strived to keep both languages at a professional level by involving myself in Japanese communities, reading books in both languages, etc. My tutoring experience comes from volunteer work during my education. I... Read more


Japanese Tutor (Native Speaker)

Hi. I'm so thrilled that you want to learn Japanese. My name is Yoko which means "sun's child" in Kanji (Chinese characters). My parents chose this name for me so that I could have a cheerful and happy life. Learning a language should be a fun experience. Isn't it fantastic that you will be able to communicate with people that you never imagined you'd be able to speak with? You will have the opportunity to experience a new and different culture! That's exciting! I have my bachelor's ... Read more


Knowledgeable UCB Chemistry Alumni Specializing in Test Prep

I had tutored privately for friend's kid on his high school chemistry and math during my college life back in 2010 for 3 months in Berkeley, CA, and he successfully advanced to A in his junior year final exam. Also I spent another 2 months back in China tutoring a high school senior during 2008 to help her English and chemistry. She improved to B from D as a result in the final exam. Though not exactly "tutoring", I helped my fiancee to prepare for her GRE and career certification test as... Read more

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Patient, Kind and Time-Flexible Japanese Tutor

In 2016 I graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art majoring in Product Design. And from 2007 to 2014 I was a furniture designer for a company in Tokyo. I was born in 1983 and raised in Japan. Of course I know well about the Japanese language (I am a native speaker), but furthermore, I understand how great Japanese culture is and how different we Japanese are from American people. I am a freelance designer and flexible about the class schedule. Feel free to contact me.... Read more

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6-12 Math Licensed Teacher

Hi! I am a licensed high school math teacher. I taught Algebra and Geometry in public school. I also have tutoring experiences in the public school system as well. Struggling in your math class? I look forward to helping you succeed in your class. I am available to tutor high school level math and remedial college level math.... Read more


Ph.D. Tutor in Languages, Literature and Testing

**Please Note: I am currently accepting only short-term students, such as those requiring help in preparation for a final exam or major project.** Bonjour! Konnnichiwa. Buenos Dias. My name is Catherine M.; I am an adjunct professor of French and Japanese. Language teaching is my specialty; I have a Ph.D. in French from UC Davis, with an emphasis in second language acquisition, and a Masters in Japanese from San Francisco State. I currently teach at Napa Valley College and Sacramento Sta... Read more

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