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SAT, ACT, and College Essay Teacher and Tutor

I have been working as a SAT teacher and tutor with a large NYC test prep company for over two years. During the day, I work as an analyst/researcher at a public policy think tank/non partisan budget watchdog group. I enjoy tutoring for the SAT because it stands as such a laborious problem for so many students while ultimately it is completely beatable and, in my opinion, any score is achievable with the right focus, determination, and direction. Helping students achieve their goals, be they ... Read more


Psychology B.S. and M.A. with wide-ranging global knowledge

Hello. I am a graduate student with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have worked as a tutor and a supervised therapist. I come with very strong ACT/SAT scores and am proficient in many fields of study. I feel comfortable teaching all major subjects through the high school level. I am patient and chock-full of information. I can work with you at your level and will have you learning in no time! I hope that we can work together soon.... Read more


Energetic Math and Science Tutor

Hi there! My name is Steven, and I am a recent graduate of Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts college located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, where I majored in chemistry and minored in biology. Throughout my time at Swarthmore, I garnered extensive experience tutoring chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Specifically, I have tutored General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, High School Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II. My work as a tut... Read more


I'm a science teacher preparing for medical school.

I'm a 30 year old secondary (6-12) science teacher. I take pride on my ability to form strong relationships with students and enjoy the one-on-one attention you can give a student with tutoring. Especially the unmotivated or disengaged student. I thrive on relating difficult concepts into simple terms. I am an expert on relating material to whatever your student is interested in. For example, if your child is interested in sports then I will relate everything to baseball, football, basketball, etc. Computers? Everything comes in the form of programming or debugging or circuitry. Pop culture? Well... I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I have three years of full-time teaching experience in the Cherry Creek and Academy District 20 school districts. I have taught college anatomy and physiology and have interned in a medical profession. I am experienced with students of all ability levels. I hold a current professional teaching license, a BS in biomedical biology, and a MS in secondary science education. I am preparing to apply for medical school in 2017 so I have a wide range of availability. I look forward to helping your child excel in every way I can. Read more


Let's Enhance Your Communication Skills Together

Whether you're looking for a little help with grammar, some useful feedback for fiction, or assistance with academic and professional writing, I’d be glad to meet with you and discuss your present needs. I've worked in a variety of fields and may have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. My education includes studying film and television writing at both The American Film Institute and The University of London. I've been a staff writer for a magazine, a creative director at an adv... Read more


MATH, Basic Science and Nursing Tutor!

Need help with basic math, prealgebra, algebra, science,or reading? The math diva is here! Math and science are two of my favorite subjects! In fact, I have successfully taken upper level math such as Calculus and differential equations when I was in college about so many years ago. I currently hold a BS in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill with certification in School Nursing and almost finished my MSN at UNCC. I am a nurse in a middle school in Union County. I mostly tutor math for 6-8th gra... Read more


Harvey Mudd/Cornell grad; multi-subject, empathetic tutor

I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics from a top-ranked engineering college and a Master of Science from a highly-ranked astrophysics program at an Ivy League institution. Furthermore, in my previous work as a research astronomer, I had to use linear algebra, both in pen-and-paper work and in computer programs (Matlab and IDL) for coursework and basic models. My coursework includes two half-semester courses in advanced linear algebra and a semester of signals engineering, with the latter heavily focused on using matrices and the rules of matrix algebra to find unique solutions and solution Read more


English, Literature, Writing, Grammar and Standardized Test Tutor

While teaching I have had countless learners with IEPs and have worked closely with counselors and doctors in order to develop methods for tailoring my instruction to meet the specific needs of each student. I have my students take a strength assessment survey and complete a learning profile survey to see which teaching approaches will work best for their learning styles and also implement strategies that have worked in the past as well as experiment with strategies that might be useful given research in the field of methods for learners with ADD and ADHD in order to best accommodate each stud Read more


Math, Science, and Test Preparation

As a teaching assistant in graduate school, I discovered that I had a real knack (and, indeed, love) for explaining; I became popular with the students in my sections because of my clear, insightful presentations and lively style of teaching. Many would come to my office outside of class for extra help, and it became somewhat of a "hobby" for me to provide it to them. Subsequently, I became involved in teaching for the Chicago Public Schools and later at the newly-opened Chicago office of a ... Read more


Reading? Writing? Speech? Spanish? Test prep? I can help!

Hi! I'm Jessica. I'm an English teacher based in Kenosha, with over ten years of classroom teaching experience in grades 7 through 12. I currently teach American Literature (Honors and non-Honors), Journalism, and Speech and Debate. I take pride in my approach to teaching, in which I use humor, patience, and an active, engaging pedagogy that specializes in connecting academic subjects to real-world topics. I have proven success with this approach in the classroom, and have received awards for... Read more

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