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(680) Autism tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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PhD Developmental Psychology, expert in neurocognitive special needs

I am a cognitive development expert with 20 years of experience working with children and families with special needs. I completed my PhD in developmental psychology at the UC Davis MIND Institute, where I researched early intervention strategies for children with ASD, FXS, and ADHD. My earlier Master's work included research on developmental dyslexia. I also have a degree in pediatric nursing from The Johns Hopkins University, and before completing my doctorate, I was a home health case manager for families with children with special needs. As a private tutor, I work to create a program tailored for your child that also considers your whole family's specific needs. My goals are always to improve your child's school experience and sense of self-worth, but also to work with you to improve day-to-day household logistics and family-wide functioning. My approach is evidence-based and holistic: I have experience with both ABA and the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and I incorporate these principles into my work. I also use "brain training" techniques to address cognitive and information processing deficits that often underlie academic learning difficulties. I focus on anxiety and sensory processing issues; emotion regulation and coping; and social skills training. When appropriate, I will also consider potential factors related to medication and diet. I specialize in working with toddlers, children, and teens, though I have some experience with young adults as well. Please contact me for a full resume and references! Read more


Program Supervisor Behavioral Therapist

As a senior behavioal therapist who graduated from UC Davis with a degree in psychology, I have been trained in working with all levels of individuals on the spectrum. I have been working in the field for 6 year years. I am ABA, PECS, Floor Time, Denver Model, NET trained/certified. My patience and love for children is much shown in the quality of my work. As a Senior Therapist for children with Autism I am required to involve families to learn along with their children. Parent training and community awareness are my strong areas along working with individuals with autism. I have established Read more


Patient UCLA Grad English/Math Tutor with Credential

I have a degree in psychology and I currently work with students who have learning disabilities and autism. When working with students who have autism I make sure that I explain directions and concepts slowly and in many different ways. Students with autism often have difficulty with expression, so I also give them the opportunity to answer questions in different ways (i.e. through illustrations, hand-gestures. Read more


Patient, articulate, effective, kind tutor, with a Ph.D. in Psych

Hello everyone, My name is Brian, and I am ready to help you succeed! I believe the foundation of any learning experience is a trusting relationship and mutually agreed upon goals. My experience and personal philosophy have allowed me to develop the skills necessary to foster both. I have a passion for academia, learning, and helping others to achieve their own personal potential in a supportive manner. I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Idaho State University and extensive tra... Read more


Your Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Physics, Trigonometry Tutor

ADD/ADHD Request Certification: My experience from some high school and college communities enable me to deal appropriately and to respond to the special needs of these children and adults. I have over seven years of experience with young pupils and students both in voluntary teaching and private tutoring capacity. I have specifically provided tutoring services to some high school students with extreme cases of focus and attention deficits with severe sensitivity to distractions. Often, these distractions comes in the form of personal communication devices, laptops, and listening electronics Read more


M.S. in Education: Specializing in Math/ English/ SAT/ ACT/ ISEE

I have a M.S. in Special Education. I specialize in working with students on the Autism Spectrum. I can teach them new lessons or just review ones that they have learned in school. I realize that autism involves deficits in socialization, communication and inflexible behaviors. There are also occasionally intellectual delays that occur. I try to tutor with a positive attitude. I am always kind to my students. I will try to strengthen the areas that they are weak with guided practice and instruction. Read more


Hands on Tutoring Specializing in Building Confident in Reading

I am a Certified Special Education Teacher and School Counselor and have worked with various levels of students who have Autism tendencies. I am aware of the different levels of these students, although have the belief they are very capable of learning. These students usually have social issues and need to learn appropriate ways to interact with peers and teachers. In the students that I've have worked with there has been success on meeting their social and educational goals. Read more


Experienced Tutoring Tailored to Your Child's Learning Style

I am a developmental psychology student at Liberty University. At the college I tutored at, I tutored to special needs kids and I nanny special needs children. I have a lot of experience designing curriculum that fits their learning style. I deal with Autism in the same way I deal with Aspergers. It's about patience, repetition and verbal communication enhancement. My students, just like my Asperger students would often get frustrated and strike out so I would give them a place to calm down and often time if they had something that comforted them such as a favorite stuff animal, I would make Read more


Middle School Special Education Teacher - I LOVE MATH and READING

I am a certified special education teacher, specializing in students with moderate to intensive needs. Additionally, I have worked at a separate facility for 16 years, and have worked with students all across the spectrum. I continue to train and learn new things. I utilize professional development authorized by my employer as well as OCALI (the leader in autism), as well as the State Support Team - I am in the process of becoming certified as a SIM (Strategic Instructional Method) Instructor. Read more


Skilled and Dedicated Intervention Specialist

Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I am an intervention specialist at a local school. I am currently in my 5th year of teaching. I have experience with a wide range of students with different abilities. I am very dedicated to the success of my students and creating a positive learning environment for everyone. I attended Ohio University for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. I am currently licensed in K-12 Special Education (mild to moderate and moderate to intensive), Reading Intervention... Read more

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