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Patient tutor, non-judgemental, gets reasons and concepts across.

I have gone through Arizona State University's Technology M.B.A. program. I got an A in both financial and managerial accounting. I also have been a successful tutor with WyzAnt on both subjects. Students generally give me 5-star ratings on tutoring on both subjects. What is tough about these classes are not the mathematics behind the subject, but which accounts are affected with each transaction. Fortunately, there are systematic ways to understand them. Read more


Mandarin (putonghua) Tutor

Dear student, My name is Yiping and I have 4 year high school teaching experience in China as a full time instructor. All my courses were delivered in Mandarin. I passed the certificate of Putonghua (Mandarin) proficiency test (level 4) while most of my Chinese colleagues passed level 3. I am willing to help those who are interested in learning Mandarin by applying innovative and effective teaching methods. For example, I will relate PinYin (the official phonetic system) and strokes of the C... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Chinese Tutor (Mandarin & Cantonese) former Chinese Tour Guide

Nihao! I'm Limei, call me Mei. Learning Chinese? I've got lots of fun methods to make it easy! I'm a experienced Chinese tutor. I have been tutoring Mandarin and Cantonese for both adults and children since 2012. I was a teacher in primary school back in China. I'm a 'authentic' Chinese. I was a certified international tour guide. After my 31 years of living in China and 8 years of traveling around China as a tour guide, I appreciate Chinese culture very much and would love to share with... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


PhD, Math+Physics Major, Teach Student Creative Solve Problems

An innovative Scientist and Engineer holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics, with in-depth knowledge of math, multi-fields physics, technologies. I was born in China, native Chinese speaker, Mandarin Chinese. I also hold a BA degree with graphic design major. Has depth knowledge on Chinese culture, art, Chinese character development history, ancient literature, and poem. I will help students learning Chinese speaking and Chinese art at same time. And I will help you learn to master the k... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Rich mind, Rich life

As a native Mandarin speaker, I am also fluent in English. I have gotten my Masters Degree in China and just finished my study at UCLA, majoring in International trade and commerce with concentration on Global Business Management. Since I was an undergraduate, I have tutored many foreign students at school. I enjoyed tutoring because it is an extremely rewarding experience. Since I studied in Denmark and Taiwan during my Master's, I love to communicate with people from different cultures ... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Professional TOEFL/SAT/IELTS plus Mandarin as First Language

I am a Mandarin Chinese and ESL tutor. I am especially expertise in teaching English standard test preparation courses in Mandarin. At the meantime, I also have sufficient experience in teaching Mandarin Chinese. I'm a native Chinese and have been speaking Chinese for approximately 30 years. Before moving to the U.S., I have been teaching ESL classes, especially test-prep courses in New Oriental School, the most eminent test-prep institution in China. I've tutored thousands of students in cla... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Experienced math teacher, professional English & Chinese speaking

Ms. S. has a MS degree in Theoretical Physics and was a certified college teacher in China. She also obtained a California high school teacher credential. She has a passion for teaching young students and inspiring them to learn math from an early age. Ms. S. was a coach of the Oak Valley Middle School MathCounts Club (2015-2016), where the team achieved third place in Southern California. In 2016, Ms. S. ran a summer camp math program and opened a competitive math program at ICL Academy in S... Read more


no.1 university in Taiwan

I was born in Taiwan. I graduated from No.1 university in Taiwan, majored in Economics and came to the USA to pursue an MBA at Lamar University in 1988. I am a loving and patient Christian mom of three children. I have 20 years of experience teaching Algebra and Chinese in elementary and middle school in Taiwan and USA. I also have two years experience teaching Chinese phonics at Evergreen Chinese school. My teaching is fun and creative. Algebra and Geometry are my strong points. All my kids... Read more


Expert Math, Python and Chinese tutor

I graduated from New York University with 3.9 GPA and degrees in both Economics and Computer Science. I'm currently working on Wall Street in the investment banking industry. I have been tutoring students in math and science subjects ever since I was in high school. "Simplicity" is my core teaching philosophy. None of my students would get confused no matter how complicated the problem is because I would break it down to small, easy to understand pieces and even a three-year-old can learn i... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Experienced Graduate School RA and College Tutor

Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Techniques from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, I started working as a research assistant at the Trench-less Technology Center from Louisiana Tech University in January 2010. I've been tutoring a high school student when I was in the graduate school of LA Tech (MS Candidate). I did him a favor on physics and pre-calculus. That was a helpful and joyful experience for both of us, and he went to Harvard College in Septembe... Read more

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